How can I get a space at May’s? For information on a space at May’s contact May’s Antique Market, Route 20, P.O. Box 416, Brimfield, MA 01010. Ph. 413-245-9271

What time does the show open?
May’s Antique Market opens at 9 AM sharp on Thursday, rain or shine.
Admission $5.00

What time does the show close? The show closes each day at around 7 PM. However this time may vary by
about an hour or so depending on the buying and selling activity.

Where is the show entrance? The show can be accessed from the main gate on Route 20, or via the rear gate, which can be accessed by a field off of Route 19, north of Route 20.

Where can I Park? A parking is located directly across the street from the main gate on Route 20 and is often filled to capacity by the early morning.

How can I find a particular dealer? If the dealer you are looking for is at May’s, go to the main office or call for information.

Are ATM machines available? ATM machines can be found at various locations throughout Brimfield.

Is there a place to eat breakfast or lunch? May’s Antique Market runs a concession during the show, offering a hearty breakfast and lunch menu, including sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs. Bagged Ice, bottled water, salads, fruit and yogurt are available.

What should I bring? The following items are suggested:

Jacket/Raincoat/Umbrella/Layered Clothing • Good walking shoes • Sunblock • Sunglasses • Water bottle • An extra pair of dry socks and shoes for those who arrive before the sun comes up. • A copy of our street map.

Are Handicapped facilities available? The show is outside. Handicapped toilets and parking are available.